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 Performapal Duel Academy's Rules

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PostSubject: Performapal Duel Academy's Rules   Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:24 pm

Performapal Duel Academy's Rules
Important notice: Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

Staff Rules:
1) Do not abuse your power, this includes:
1.1) Manipulating your own or someone else's DP without a proper reason.
1.2) Banning/Kicking users from chat for no reason.
1.3) Deleting/Editing posts that relate to you in a negative way.
2) Treat your fellow staff members with respect
2.1) Do not put yourself above your fellow staff members in superiority
2.2) Discuss staff decisions within staff chat, not in public chat.
3) Do not discuss a user's ban with another user who is not a member of the staff team.

Forum Rules:
1) Do not make unnecessary posts.
1.1) Do not make replies with only 1 or 2 words (I.E. wtf?, lol etc). This will be considered spam and will be dealt with as such.
1.2) Do not revive topics that have been inactive for a week or longer. Except if you're bumping your own Dorm room.
1.3) Do not insult other members in your posts.
1.4) Double-posting is not allowed (Unless your last reply was 24 hours prior and you are bumping your post)
1.5) Posting adult content is forbidden.
1.6) Coarse language is not allowed in forum posts.
1.7) Posting sexual content in any shape or form is NOT allowed on this website.
2) Do not advertise via posting or Private Messages without a PDA Administrator or Chancellor's permission to do so.
2.1) Posting an academy's name (short or normal) in your posts, messages, signatures, or anything of the sort is not allowed at all.

ChatBox Rules:
1) Spamming within the chat box is not allowed: These instances are examples of behaviors considered spam. They will be dealt with appropriately (and harshly if necessary).
1.1) Multiple occasions of typing inappropriately and/or repeating the same word(s) over and over again
1.2)Advertising and/or posting a website's (another duel academy) link within the chat box without an PDA Administrators permission (this may result in a direct IP ban)
1.3) Do NOT use caps repeatedly: We get it, you're excited and you want to express yourself but it is also considered to be spam.
2) Coarse language is not allowed within the chat box.
3) Keep discussions about religion, sexuality, and other personal subjects away from chat, unless you are given express permission to do so from the highest-ranking member in chat and no one else in the chat expresses a desire for the discussion(s) to cease.
4) Do not post unnecessarily large images. They can cause the chat to glitch for other users. If you must post a large image, use a spoiler.
5) Avoid arguments with other members. That is not to say that you are not allowed to disagree with other members-- but do not flame them. Do not call their opinion "bad". Just in general, avoid fallacies. There is a major difference between a debate and an argument.

Behavior Expectations:
1) Respect PDA Staff and other Members of PDA.
2) Do not threaten the Staff and other Members of PDA.

1) Backseat modding will not be tolerated. (If you notice that something is not right, privately message a staff member about it).
2) You are allowed to have up to two (2) signature images, but use common sense.
3) Do not create multiple accounts. The first offense will result in a warning and most likely a ban of one or more of the offending account(s), leaving the primary account alone unless the offender violates this rule again: in which case it could well result in an IP ban.
4) It is PROHIBITED to steal Graphics from the forum. Anyone caught doing so will be reported and IP Banned.

Warnings & Punishments:
Normal Warning: We will take nothing from you.
1st Warning: You will lose all your Duel Points and will be banned from the Chatbox for a day.
2nd Warning: You will banned from the Chatbox for 2 Days.
3rd Warning: You will be banned for 30 Days on the Chatbox and Forums and it may be changed to an IP Ban.

PDA © Copyright Performapal Duel Academy, All Rights Reserved.
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Performapal Duel Academy's Rules

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