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 [GUIDE] How to remove warnings

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] How to remove warnings   Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:13 am

How to get rid of warnings
As all other communities do, PDA has punishments for violators of our rules. If such rule were to break, the user can be punished for such actions. However, PDA has a policy that can clear one's warnings to make them feel fresh, free, and overall, let them seem normal. Removal of such warns can prove that one is appropriate for staff, or that one is worthy enough of such trust from the community. This post will be regarding the methods.

Disclaimer: This does not mean that these are freebies to not get into such troubles while on the academy's websites. One can only use each of these messages once while attempting to undo their warnings, and then they will be used up. This is not an excuse to get into excessive trouble. Violates can be punished upon number of offenses.

Method 1.) If one is to recruit 5 members, their warnings will be reduced to half way, as the bar on their profile will be halfway. Also, if one were to invite 5 additional members, increasing the total to 10 members recruited, all warnings will be reduced, such giving the user a full warning bar.

Method 2.) If one were to make it onto the top 3 winners of 5 events, their warnings will be reduced to halfway. If such member to make the top 3 again on an additional 5 events, the warnings will be reduced furthermore, giving the member a full warning bar.

Method 3.) If one were to make 20 posts on our forums, their warnings will be reduced to halfway. And along with the other methods, the way to get a full warning bar, they must make an additional 20. Making the total 40 posts, for a full warning bar.

For recruiting members, have them post an introduction that SPECIFICALLY states that YOU invited them.

For postings and event winnings, notify a staff member that you will proceed with this method, so they can track your progress.

These are always subject to change

PDA © Copyright Performapal Duel Academy, All Rights Reserved.
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[GUIDE] How to remove warnings

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