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 [GUIDE] Dorms Rank-UP System

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] Dorms Rank-UP System   Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:29 am

Dorms Rank-UP System
Welcome Guest, in this topic we will show you how can you rank up in the academy. As you may have noticed by now we have five different dorms. The dorm you're in represents your skill; you can go higher in dorms and ranks to prove your mettle, however ranking up is not mandatory. You can choose to stay at your current level for as long as you wish. However, if you wish to rank up at some point, then read on.
The Dorms:
Performapal Trump Witch: This is the lowest dorm, members in this dorm are ranked as 'Rookies'. Being in this dorm does not mean you are weak or unskilled: everyone must start from the bottom to make the system fair for all the members.

Performapal Trampolynx: This dorm is considered a little better than the Trump Witch dorm. Members in this dorm are ranked as 'Novices'. Entering this dorm means that you have improved a little during the time you spent in the previous dorm.

Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn: This dorm is what one might call average, members in this dorm are ranked as 'Apprentices'. Being a member of this dorm means that you have gone a long way and put in a lot of effort to reach this rank!

Performapal Guitartle: This dorm is the second best dorm at the academy. Members in this dorm are ranked as 'Masters'. Once you reach this dorm, it means that you should be skilled enough to take on a whole team, the academy's war team will rely on you for future wars!

Performapal Monkeyboard: This dorm is the highest dorm a member can enter. Members in this dorm are ranked as 'Legends', entering this dorm is no mean feat.

How to rank-up:
There are four methods you can use in order to rank up at the academy, but once you choose one method you CANNOT change to another unless you elect to get a demotion and start back from the bottom!

In this method you don't have to duel most of the time. This will be based on your schoolwork such as exams, lessons, writing articles, and so on.

In this method you only have to duel. It will all be based on your dueling skills, decks, tournament wins, passing test duels, etc. Once you reach the point where you need to take the test duel, the following testing rubric will be used for your duel:

Community Work:
In this method you will need to focus on entering contests and activities that can help with improving the academy's reputation. Dueling may be required at some point!

Forum Activity:
In this method you only have to be active at the academy. This will be based on many members you recruit, how many posts you have, etc.

Important Notes:
- Once you choose a method you cannot change to another one unless you decide to start again from the bottom. When you do all your records will be reset (P-Points, EXP, Homework counts, Tournament Wins, etc....)
- When you have all the requirements please notify a staff member in any way you would like (PMs, DN, Skype, etc....) so that we can check your account and give you the rank-up.

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[GUIDE] Dorms Rank-UP System

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